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Services - Disaster Recovery

Tape Drive Repair - Data Recovery

We can help you with recovery of data on tapes and on hard drives
Tape Drive Repair - No Fix ===> No Fee. We specialise in Tape Drive Repair and data recovery. . DAT, DLT, AIT, Exabyte, 8mm tape drives and autoloader repair, service. We also sell refurbished and new 4mm DAT drives, 8mm Exabyte, DLT, QIC, AIT Tape drives. Our repair technicians are trained and certified, and are highly qualified to repair just about ANY tape drive... regardless of name brand or drive type.

We repair the following tape drives:

  • 18 track - 256 track (3480, 3490, 3490E, 3590, 3590E)
  • 4mm tape drives (DDS-1, DDS-2, DDS-3, DDS-4, etc)
  • 8mm tape drives (AIT-1, AIT-2, AIT-3, SAIT, Exabyte, etc) DLT and LTO
  • 9-track tape drives.

Retrieval of data: With the repair of data we knew that retrieval of data was also another service that we could offer our customers. Drive failure falls into two categories ie electronic failure and media failure. Often by replacing the heads 100% of data can be recovered from the drives, but there are always inherent risks. Mechanical failure and Media damage affects the magnetic information stored on drives and tapes. Both the data (files) stored and also the logical structures can be affected. If the media damage is not too severe recovery is possibly in 60-80% of cases. We work on dust free rooms and our technicians are fully trained.

Disaster recovery

The IT infrastructure of a business and its ability to function effectively are interlinked. We are all increasingly dependant on our technology. Ask yourselves the question how would your business perform without its server(s)? Then ask in the event of a disaster, who will help you recover your database, restore your system and get you working again?

If you are concerned with how your organisation would cope in the event of a computer disaster but do not want to pay the high prices of conventional disaster recovery plans, take a look at our Budget Disaster Recovery Service. For only a small percentage of your existing IT budget we will help you overcome the devastating effects a computer disaster can have.

Many Disaster Recovery firms face difficulties in acquiring hardware at competitive prices and find it difficult to keep up to date without charging high prices. Their charging structure means that you pay a high fee each and every year. We take a different approach - one that will cost much less every year!


  • Unlike most Disaster Recovery companies, we already have other successful complementary businesses.
  • These are fully self supporting but provide valuable resources and expertise for our disaster recovery
  • service. As a result we have a more competitive cost structure than 'specialist firms'. You benefit from
  • our full service organisation - we are continually acquiring the latest equipment via our rental and
  • second user arms and our maintenance teams are on hand to configure and install systems.

We have broken down the components of a good DR service allowing you to decide what level of support you require but with the option of paying for additional services at the point of delivery. Much like with other 'insurances' we charge a low 'premium' for basic disaster recovery cover. This fee ensures that we hold a system ready for when you need it and charge an 'excess' in the event that you require the service or for testing purposes. Clients can often recover these fees from their insurance company if a disaster strikes.

Our mantra is 'value, flexibility and service'


  • We let you decide what constitutes a 'disaster' rather than stipulating the criteria.
  • We offer a range of responses, delivering system within 12, 24 or 48 hours to any location within the mainland UK.
  • We offer server location within our response centre in London if required. (Subject to availability and additional charges)
  • We offer additional engineering and system administration services if required (Subject to availability and additional charges)


Our service can be supplied either as a standalone option or in combination with our maintenance service which allows us to make it even more cost effective.

Our contact details

IMACS Ireland, Farranacarriga, Annascaul, Co Kerry, Ireland
Telephone: +353 66 9762702
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Services - Equipment Disposal

Equipment Disposal, Sale and Recycling

In Ireland and the UK we offer waste management and energy recovery services.

Do you have surplus IT hardware that you are looking to dispose of? We  can  enter a  partnership  arrangement to recycle  or remarket  your  equipment on an  equal  sharing basis. Please  contact  us  or  fill in your inquiry   through the  email button on this page .

We  hate  waste. It  seems a shame to just throw away equipment that  has  outlived  your  purposes  but  would be  perfect  for  other company's  requirements.   We offer  two services in this area including disposal and  remarketing

Depending on the age and value of your hardware we can buy it from you, sell it on your behalf or recycle it through our maintenance operation. Other customers need to keep older equipment going so we are always on the look out for unwanted server, storage and networking hardware - no matter how old. - Recycling - Data destruction - HP, Dell, IBM, Sun, Bull, EMC, Nortel, Cisco, Symbol and other brands - Ethical disposal

Call us on +353 6697 62702 or email your requirements to 

Disposals Services with certification
Imacs Ltd is now able to offer a disposal service for all end-of-life computer equipment worldwide. We are also able to offer the following servives

•  All types of electrical and electronic waste recycling
•  Cathode ray tube (CRT’s from monitors and televisions) recycling
•  All levels of electronic scrap brokerage
•  Secure data destruction
•  Complete battery recycling solutions
•  Fluorescent tube recycling
•  Printer/toner cartridge recycling
•  The company provides environmental responsible solutions, which are both professional and confidential with full compliance with all regulations

Call us for a quote if you have several computer systems to dispose of.
We collect in most parts of Ireland oor Europe  or can arrange for collection . We sort equipment you have, where we also offer a remarketing service (will sell the equipment on your behalf) if the equipment still has a market value.

Destruction certificates are provided from our recycling centre where equipment is shredded and dismantled in an environmentally friendly fashion under (WEEE) directives ( Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) (WEEE) seeks to recover and collect.

Services - For Partners

Our Reseller Programme

Our  business depends  on partner  relationships . The  great  thing about this is  that our  partners are  worldwide  and we  are  proud  of our  relationship  that  we  have with them. We are  protective of them and  consider  them an essential  part  of  our  business.  We  need partners who support us at every turn  and as a  result  they allow  us to provide you, the  customer  with a  wide  wealth  of  knowledge and  know  how.  

Powersearchireland help resellers by providing extra revenue-generating services  We maintain most leading UNIX and Windows servers and can provide operating system support and systems administration. . All our services are designed to be of high-quality, good value and are provided for as long as the customer requires - well beyond manufacturers official 'end-of-life'.

Tell us what services your customer needs.

Our  partners are those  that  give  us a  competitive  advantage  in the  areas  of parts  supply, service  supply,  knowledge provision and consultancy  all the  way  to  logistics. Business  being  what  it  is  we are  always open to new  business  ventures. Feel  free to  contact  us if you  think  you  can  help  us or visa  versa


Services - Parts

Why choose Powersearchireland for your hardware?

  • SAVINGS - Powersearchireland offer large savings on manufacturer prices.
  • RAPID DELIVERY - Need those parts quickly? We can deliver your hardware on a same-day service if needed and requested on time. We  can  do  this for  most  European  countries  and in the  US depending  on items  needed.  Generally we  can deliver to most other countries within 1-2 working days.
  • AVAILABILITY - Search for over 4 million parts in our stock and those of over 3000 other suppliers.
  • NEW & REFURBISHED HARDWARE - You can save even more by buying refurbished/used equipment.
  • TRACK RECORD - Successfully delivering hardware to over 100 countries since 1989.
  • ON-GOING SUPPORT - You can obtain the parts and upgrades you need for many years after the manufacturer stops selling them.

Source the parts you need - no matter how old

Powersearchireland can supply over 4 million parts from current to ancient. Sourcing worldwide from thousands of contacts, if it's out there we'll find it and deliver it to wherever in the world you need it. Customers have relied on us since 1989 to get them what they need in the most timely way. It's not always cheap to locate a part in one part of the world and ship it across the globe but if you need it we'll get it to you. All equipment is warranted.

Over 100 manufacturers, delivered to over 100 countries

Amongst others we've supplied hardware from: 3Com - Acer - Adaptec - ADIC - Adtran - Agilent - Alcatel - Allied Telesyn - American Power Conversion - Apple - AT&T - Avaya - Avid - Avocent - Black Box - Brocade - BT - Buffalo - Bull - Canon - Ciprico - Cisco - Compuprint - Conner - Dale - DA-LITE - Datalogic - Dataproducts - Decision Data - Dell - DG - Dialogic - D-Link - EMC - Emulex - Enterasys - Epson - EqualLogic - Ericsson - Exabyte - Extreme Networks - Finisar - Fluke - Foundry - Fujitsu - Gandalf - Genicom - Grass Valley - Hand Held Products - Hitachi - HP - IBM - Infineon - Intel - Intermec - JNI - Juniper - Kingston - Lantronix - Larscom - LSI Logic - Lucent Technologies - Macromedia - Marconi - Maxtor - McData - Meditech - Memorex - Metrologic - Micropolis - Microsoft - Mitel - Mitsubishi - Motorola - Mylex - NCR - NEC - NetApp - Netgear - Nokia - Nortel - Novell - nStor - Other - Overland - Panasonic - Paradyne - Plasmon - Powerscan - Printronix - Proxim - Qlogic - Quantum - Samsung - Seagate - Siemens - Silicon Graphics - Sony - Storagetek - Storcase - Sun - Symantec - Symbol - Synoptics - Tally - Tandberg - Tektronix - Tellabs - Toshiba - Unisys - Veritas - Viewsonic - VMware - Wang - Watchguard Technologies - Western Digital - Wyse - Xerox - Xyratex - Zebra

Product specialisms

While we can supply virtually anything, we can offer help and guidance in our specialised fields. Contact us if you need help getting the right parts for your HP, Dell, IBM, Bull and Sun servers, EMC storage and Cisco networking. Services include: - Specification and related  Documentation - Supply - Installation - Configuration - Maintenance - Disposal

Our contact details

IMACS Ireland, Farranacarriga, Annascaul, Co Kerry, Ireland
Telephone: +353 66 9762702
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.