All IT and Electronic

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We  offer  repairs  for all of the  following

  • EPOS Repairs
  • Industrial Display Repairs
  • Tape Drive Repairs
  • Laptop Repairs
  • Desktop Repairs
  • Printer Repairs
  • Monitor/TV Repairs
  • Peripheral Repairs
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply Repairs
  • PSU Repairs
  • Gaming Console Repairs
  • Mobile Phone Repairs
  • Tablet Repairs
  • Component Level Repairs
  • Data Recovery
  • Server Repairs
  • Apple Product Repairs
  • Audio System Repairs
  • Video & Security Camera Repairs
  • Fax Repairs
  • Projector Repairs

Imacs and Integrity

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Imacs has  worked with large and Small SME's for the last  12 years in Ireland, UK, Mainland Europe, Asia and the USA. Our unique strengths is to be able to  source near our customers  which means that time to project  implementation is shorter.

We all have integrity and  each person lives by what  is  important to them. At Imacs we  try  to  get  it  right each  time and  invariably  we do. We  are a  business and  profit is a  goal but in achieving  this we  know that we  have to  offer a service  that is  unique and of  value to  our  customers.

We  have been achieving all  of these goals for the last 12 years. We  have  developed a strong  sets of  skills inside  our  organisation and when possible we  have  linked  up  with our  customers and   suppliers to fulfill the  demands of  each, and endevour to  make them mutually inclusive.  Each  business decision that is taken based on the  demands of  our  customers. Our  customer  is the  driver.

We offer services which our large and small enterprises need. These companies are  typically business to business enterprises where they  have to account to their  own internal factors. If we faul our customers then we  are  failing  their customers also.  

  Services we offer include:

1) Parts Fulfillment  2) Motherboard and PCB Repair
3) Tape Drive Repair  4) On site IT contracts 
5) POS and Software evelopment  6) IT Recycling
7) Remarketing and Global IT Sales 8) Advance IT Swaps 
9) Data Recovery 10) It Legacy 


We offer  applications   that businesses  need   where our systems put  in place management  tools to  help  with on line bookings, point of sale and  stock  control where  reports  can be  run  to determine  financial and  marketing criteria for  current and future  events


Point of Sale

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Imacs has the following equipment for sale. 

Hoping  to sell these:

  • QTY(7) CK31CA1142002804 - Color Touchscreen, 64/64MB, CE.NET, 400MHZ CPU, Standard Range Laser, 52-Key, 802.11b/g, with battery - USED TESTED WORKING
  •  QTY(20) Symbol LS3200ER-I200A - LS 3200 ER, extended range undecoded scanner. - USED TESTED WORKING
  • QTY(40) MC7596-PYCSKQWAAWR - MC75, SiRF III Integrated GPS, WLAN 802.11a/b/g, HSDPA, 1D-SE950 Laser & Camera, Generic GSM Carrier, Color VGA Display, 128MB/256MB, QWERTY Keypad, Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Edition, Bluetooth, 2.5X Battery - USED TESTED WORKING
  • QTY(8) MC9097-KKTHJEHA6WW - MC9097-K, Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Edition, 64MB RAM, wireless, 53 key alphanumeric keypad, color display, Xscale processor. Includes 128MB Flash, Imager, iDEN and Bluetooth - USED TESTED WORKING
  • QTY(50) PPT8846-R3BZ00WW - PPT 8846, 64 MB RAM, 802.11b, 6 keys, color display. Includes scanner, battery, & Pocket PC OS. - USED TESTED WORKING
  • QTY(75) VCD9000-K000R - Vehicle Cradle for MC9000-K Only - USED TESTED WORKING
  • QTY(52) MC9097-KKTHCEHA6WW - MC9097-K, Wireless Terminal (Imager, Nextel, Color, 128/128, 53 key Keypad, MAG and Bluetooth) - USED TESTED WORKING


Please contact me for pricing and availability.


For Small and medium Enterprises

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Services offered  are:

  • Tape Drive Repair
  • Telephone and PCB Repair
  • IT Recycling and Metal Reclaim
  • IT  Stock Remarketing
  • IT Swap out programs
  • Web Development
  • Medical Spares  for
  • POS Supply for new and  legacy equipment
  • Data wipe and data back up.

To meet the needs of  our customers  in Ireland and  overseas we hold in stock in large  amounts of servers and storage  inventory. Although Ireland  is a  small market with  clients  in many obscure geographical locations the  country has  a great road and rail networks  which means that parts  can be delivered within the same  day  or  next  day  service. Imacs  provides services media organisations , local and central  government, universities an dthe HSE. Our  international clients  include Fujitsu, 3M, Yahoo, Dell.

We offer various levels of  support  depending on the needs  of  our  clients  where we service, IBM, HP, Brocade, Juniper, Cisco, . We  offer  24x7 cover and offer  on site parts, Corporate leval swap out  programs and  even on site engineers.


Local and Gov Sectors

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Hospitals, governmental business creation offices along with The Marine Institute and universities are  just  some of our clients.

Imacs and Powersearchireland has  been  supplying equipment to  government agenciies, and  departments including  the  HSE , An Garda  Siochana  and  universities. We  have  been  selling  directly  and  we  will  often  ship  on behalf  of  other  maintenance  companies. Since 2001 we  have been offering hardware  sales, maintenance  contracts and IT  recycling.

We offer flexibility and can  ensure  confidentiality  in sensitive work environments.

As  budgets are  constantly under strains we  can offer outsdourcing  skills where our  skills allow our clients to  save. Rather  than having permanent  employees on site  our  outsourcing expertise allow departments to  reduce their  manpower  costs . 


Often equipment at  regional and  central  departments are  quite  legacy and e  take  pride in being  able to  source and  have a  a large stock of  parts on site  or availabke within short time frames.

We offer flexible SLAs and our  staff  have a wide range of expertise to provide quality and service to the public institutions.


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